Triple Color Layer Business Cards

Thick, eye-catching cards with a pop of color in the middle.

• Standard height & width – 3.5" x 2"
• 3 layers of smooth, uncoated paper
• 38pt – our thickest card ever
• 4 color options

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Paper stock
Standard (3.5" x 2")
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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Make your cards look and feel a cut above.

Triple color layer business cards (also known as sandwich business card, colorfill business cards or trifecta business cards) are a great way to get more attention. A stripe of can’t-miss color gives them some flash – and makes them easy to spot. Plus, the our thickest, heaviest stock gives them a unique weight and feel. They stand out when they’re displayed on tables or desks, and they feel different when you hand them out. So whether people notice the color, the modern style or the thickness of the stock – triple color layer cards help you make an impression.

Tips for Trifecta Business Cards

• For readability, use at least a 12pt font size.
• Simpler designs work well with the unique structure of the cards.
• Be sure to choose a core color that complements your design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How thick is the paper for triple layer cards?
A: At 38pt, or .038 of an inch, triple color layer cards are the thickest we offer. Each point (pt) is equal to .001 of an inch, to give you a frame of reference.

Q: What kind of paper are triple layer cards made of?
A: Our trifecta business cards are printed on a smooth, uncoated paper stock.

Q: Can I get rounded corner or square triple layer cards?
A:  No, you can’t. Because of the way we cut, assemble and print these cards, we’re only able to offer them in a standard shape and size.

Q: Can I add foil accents or embossed gloss to these cards?
A:  Unfortunately, you can’t add special finishes to sandwich business cards.

Q: What are the CMYK/Pantone values for the colors in the middle stripe?
A: If you’re looking to match, here’s a handy chart of the color values we use for the inside layer:

Blue – C-100/M-50/Y-2/K-0

Red – C-0/M-100/Y-60/K-20

Orange – C-0/M-45/Y-65/K-0

Black – C-0/M-0/Y-0/K-100

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