How to choose the right label

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Personalized labels are an affordable way to add professionalism and personality to your products, packaging and more.

But with so many sizes, shapes, and stock types available, how do you know which is best for you?

At Vistaprint, we offer our labels on a sheet or a roll depending on the type.

Product labels are an eye-catching way to brand packaging and provide product information to your customers. They come on sheets of paper and are ideal for low quantity orders (starting at 4).

If you need high quantities, our roll labels offer a practical and affordable format that saves you time and money when branding lots of products. As their name suggests, they come on a paper roll in quantities starting at 100.

With a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from, creating an eye-catching label that represents your business is easier than you think.

Answer the question below to see which label is best suited to your needs.

How to get the most from your labels

  • Think about the shape of the image or graphic you’re using to inform your choice of label shape.
  • Use larger fonts and a small amount of text to increase readability.
  • Focus on a single, eye-catching element like your logo, a special promotion or a product detail. Remember, people may be browsing a shelf full of products, so yours need to stand out.

Sheet roll and label comparison

For more information and frequently asked questions, check out our roll labels and product labels pages.