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ProAdvantage by VistaPrint is a program for graphic designers, photographers, marketers and others who create and sell printed materials.

As a member, you’ll save time by shipping orders directly to clients, as all products and packages are 100% unbranded. Sign up for Premium membership to save money with consistent discounts. Your savings can be passed along to clients or put back into your business. And you set your own prices and commission.

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Q: What happens after I join ProAdvantage?
A: Your benefits are effective immediately, so you can start saving right away. And keep an eye out, we'll send along some information to help you make the most of your membership.

Q: Will my clients know I use VistaPrint?
A: As far as your clients are aware, everything is coming directly from you. The products you create using ProAdvantage by VistaPrint are unbranded and delivered in unbranded packaging. The only exceptions are products offered on VistaPrint’s Promotional Products site and bags (unless otherwise specified).

Q: Will VistaPrint contact my clients?
A: No. VistaPrint will never contact your clients.

Q: What if I need help?
A: Our Customer Care Team works exclusively with ProAdvantage members. Just call 1.844.837.3180, Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 9am-5:30pm ET.

Q: How do I view my product and shipping prices?
A: Click the Get a Quote link on your customer homepage to calculate the cost of your products before you go through the order process.

Q: How much will delivery cost for me?
A: Premium members enjoy low flat-rate delivery.
Standard - $3.99
Priority - $8.99
Express - $16.99
In addition, Premium members enjoy free shipping on orders over $60 and direct delivery to their clients at no extra cost. Extra shipping costs applied to deliveries outside of US. Basic members also enjoy direct delivery to clients at no extra cost and can refer to our standard delivery costs.
Extra shipping costs applied to deliveries outside of US. For both membership options the following surcharges will apply for orders going to Alaska and Hawaii: $3.00 for Economy shipping, $10.00 for Standard shipping and $15.00 for Express shipping.

Q: How does the free 30-day Premium trial work?
A: During your free 30-day Premium trial, you can take advantage of all the benefits the Premium membership offers. If you don’t cancel your membership before the end of the 30 days, the credit or debit card that you used to sign up will be charged $74.99, annually. Cancel your membership before the end of the 30 days and you’ll have paid nothing. To cancel, call 1.844.803.3971 or visit the My Account page for a self-cancellation option.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?
A: Just call 1.844.837.3180 (Basic) or 1.844.803.3971 (Premium) or visit the My Account page for a self-cancellation option. We welcome any feedback you have about the program.

Q: How do I pay my annual membership fee?
A: The annual membership fee for ProAdvantage Premium is billed to the credit or debit card that you used when joining the program.

Q: What’s included in my Premium benefits?
A: As a Premium member, your individual customer homepage will display all ProAdvantage products available to you with the discount automatically applied. This discount is either up to 40% off, or the daily sitewide discount, whichever is greater. We always ensure you benefit from the biggest discount available on the day of your order. For example, if there is a sitewide sale of 50% off, you receive this higher discount, but not a combination of sitewide discount plus ProAdvantage discount."

Q: Can I combine my ProAdvantage discount (up to 40%) with other VistaPrint offers and promotions?
A: We can’t add a sitewide sale or product-category discount to your ProAdvantage discount (up to 40%), but we will apply the highest discount available on the day of your order. Your ProAdvantage discount cannot be combined with other offers or promotions that give you a discount on your total order. For example, you can’t apply a coupon code that takes an additional 20% off your total order.

Q: Are all products available under ProAdvantage?
A: Currently, the ProAdvantage discount Premium (up to 40% off) does not apply to VistaPrint’s Promotional Products.