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  • High-quality poster printing for colors that really pop
  • Perfect on walls, doors, windows or bulletin boards
  • Lamination helps you avoid wrinkles & retains quality
  • Tear-proof & water-resistant material for outdoor use

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16" x 20"
11" x 17"
18" x 24"
22" x 28"
24" x 36"
36" x 48"
Paper stock
Premium glossy
Mounted poster
Premium matte
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11" x 17" Aluminum Poster Rails
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16" x 20" Aluminum Poster Rails
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18" x 24" Aluminum Poster Rails
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18" x 24" Poster Snap Frames
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22" x 28" Aluminum Poster Rails
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22" x 28" Poster Snap Frames
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22" x 28" Poster Snap Frames
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24" x 36" Aluminum Poster Rails
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24" x 36" Plastic Poster Rails
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24" x 36" Poster Snap Frames
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24" x 36" Poster Snap Frames
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36" x 48" Poster Snap Frames
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36" x 48" Poster Snap Frames
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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Download a Photoshop or Illustrator template for your design.
16" x 20" Vertical Poster:
22" x 28" Horizontal Poster:
16" x 20" Horizontal Poster:
22" x 28" Vertical Poster:
36" x 48" Vertical Poster:
36" x 48" Horizontal Poster:
11" x 17" Horizontal Poster:
18" x 24" Horizontal Poster:
24" x 36" Horizontal Poster:
24" x 36" Vertical Poster:
11" x 17" Vertical Poster:
18" x 24" Vertical Poster:
18" x 24" Poster:

Turn walls or windows into opportunities with bold custom posters.

Ready to draw the attention of passersby, employees or event guests? Look to the time-tested and classic custom poster. It’s easier than you may think to create a poster that will get your word out: Pick the right paper stock for your need, from sleek glossy paper to extra-thick mounted foam – Or go for our outdoor option if you plan on displaying your poster outside. Explore our wide assortment of bold designs, including options designed for specific industries or uses. Customize your template with your business name and logo, and make sure to feature bright or dramatic colors. And then focus on keeping your poster’s message clear and simple: store hours, information about limited-time sales or word of an upcoming special event. Your full-color posters will look polished and professional, whether you post them around town or in-store.
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Which paper stock is right for you?

As you design your posters, you’ll have the chance to choose from these options.

• Semi-Gloss

0.20 mm smooth semi-gloss finish that helps minimize glare.
Best for: Promotional displays

• Premium Matte

0.19 mm smooth matte & glare-free finish.
Best for: Storefront displays

Premium Glossy

0.25 mm high-gloss finish that makes colors pop.
Best for: Large photos

• Mounted Poster

0.13 mm mounted on foam board. Rigid, durable and lightweight with a matte finish.
Best for: Trade show displays  

• Outdoor Poster

0.25 mm tear & water resistant, sun-blocking material.

Best for: Outdoor displays

• Lamination

Two-sided plastic lamination coating for extra durability.

Best for: Long-term use

Poster Display Options

These accessories are designed to not only work with your given wall space, but also help you create an effective, professional custom posters display.
poster rail at Vistaprint

Poster Rails

Slide your poster into these top and bottom tabs for easy hanging with hooks, suction cups or rope.

Poster frame at Vistaprint

Poster Frames

Our lightweight aluminum frames clip in and out for easy use, with a clear film to protect your poster.

command strip at Vistaprint

Command™ Strips

Easy to hang, plus easy to remove without damaging your walls. 6 pairs per pack.

Which size is right for you

To find the size that best suits your needs, check out our options below:


  • 11 x 17 inches
  • 16 x 20 inches

Best for: Bulletin boards, handouts


  • 18 x 24 inches
  • 22 x 28 inches

Best for: Storefronts, construction sites


  • 24 x 36 inches
  • 36 x 48 inches

Best for: Trade shows, window displays

Custom Poster Printing Sizes

Doc Trim size

Full bleed size

11"x17" 11.25" x 17.30" 11.50" x 17.49"
16" x 20" 16.00" x 20.00" 16.16" x 20.16"
18" x 24" 18.00" x 24.00" 18.50" x 24.50"
22" x 28" 22.00" x 28.00"
22.16" x 28.16"
24" x 36"
24.00" x 36.00"
24.50" x 36.50"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my custom posters fit into a standard frame?
A: Yes. With the exception of our mounted posters (which are made of 5-mm-thick foam board), all our posters should fit into standard frames without issue.

Q: How are your custom posters printed?
A: We use digital printing and large format inkjet printers. The resulting poster look crisp, with vibrant full-color designs.

Q: If I make a poster, how thick will it be?
A:  It depends on the paper stock you choose for your specific poster. Here’s a breakdown of our poster paper stock options:

• Semi-Gloss: 0.20 mm
• Premium Matte: 0.19 mm
• Premium Glossy: 0.25 mm
• Mounted Poster: 0.13 mm
• Outdoor Poster: 0.25 mm

Q: What is a mounted poster? Is it right for my custom posters?
A: Mounted posters are made of foam 5mm thick – it’s our only non-paper option for custom posters. Because the foam is both lightweight and durable, we recommend mounted posters for events like trade shows, or even for longer-term in-store displays. With a few Command™ Strips, you can easily attach your poster to a wall and then, when the time comes, pull it down easily, without running the risk of damaging the wall or leaving any residue.

Q: What is a poster rail?
A: Poster rails are hanging and display accessories that you can use on vertically designed custom posters. A set of poster rails comes with two long tabs of aluminum or plastic. You slide each tab onto the top or bottom of your poster. The tabs have pre-made holes that let you hang your poster with your choice of hooks, suction cups, rope or string. The result is a lightweight and portable display option that looks sleek and professional – but it’s extremely easy to set up.

Q: Can I order a custom size?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Can I save if I order in bulk?
A: Yes! Check out our bulk posters to see the options available to you.

Q: Do you have designs for my event or need?
A: We offer a wide range of fully customizable poster design templates, including options for specific industries and events. Whether you want to get the word out with concert posters, are creating posters for sale announcements or need campaign posters, we're ready to help.

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