Custom Table Covers

Turn your table into a display by adding one of our business-branded custom table covers. Now you can create a polished and professional look that demands attention at events, in your store and more.

Take your event booth or store display to the next level with our custom table covers.

Want to get people interested in what you’re offering at a table or booth? For many passersby, it all starts with a head-turning custom table cover. A bold and visually appealing table display attracts attention from a distance, especially at high-traffic settings like trade shows or outdoor events. It can transform a simple folded table (whether it’s your own, or one provided by an event venue) into a professional-looking setup. And it’s a great way to introduce a prospective customer to key elements of your business’s branding – colors, logo and name.

To start creating your new display look, choose from our assortment of printed table covers. Working a trade show? Take advantage of our custom tablecloths’ all-over, full-color printing options – you’ll be able to attract attention from all angles. Taking things outdoors for a special event or farmer’s market? Our wind-resistant fitted tablecloths are designed to work with Mother Nature. And if your setup involves multiple tables, you can easily create a cohesive look on a budget: Choose multiple blank tablecloths in the same color, and then drape a custom table runner over your main table. Whichever tablecloths you choose, they’ll be made of durable and reusable polyester – machine washable to keep your display looking bright and crisp, time and time again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between fitted and custom tablecloths?
A. Our custom tablecloths drape over the top of your table, with a traditional flowing look. Our fitted tablecloths feature panels that slide over the top and side of your table, for a crisper, sleeker look.

Q. What is a table runner vs a tablecloth?
A. If you imagine a tablecloth as a large square or rectangle of material that covers an entire table, a table runner is a strip of material that hangs down from the front and back of the table. In its ideal use, a personalized table runner is draped on top of a plain tablecloth – a custom touch in a smaller form.

Q. Can I wash my custom table covers?
A. Absolutely! All of the printed table covers and table runners we offer are machine washable. We do recommend you use a delicate cycle with cold water.

Q. Can I put my tablecloth in the dryer?
A. Yes – using the tumble dry low setting works best. Otherwise, we recommend that you let the table cover air dry.

Q. Will your table covers fit my table?
A. Most likely, yes. We offer a variety of sizes to fit a range of rectangular tables – we find this is helpful not only for people who own tables, but anyone who borrows or rents a table for an event.

Q. What are my printing options for table covers? Can I print all over, or just in certain spots?
A. You’ve got options, depending on what kind of table covering interests you.

Custom tablecloths: Our limited-print option keeps the attention on the center and front of your table display: Your full-color design is printed there, while the rest of the tablecloth stays white. If you’d prefer to cover your entire tablecloth with color or design, you can choose our all-over printed and wrinkle-resistant tablecloth options.

• Fitted tablecloths: You can add as much (or as little) color and design as you’d like. Because our fitted tablecloths have a more streamlined, paneled look than our more traditional tablecloths, many people choose to keep the front panel one color, and add a contrasting color to the top and side panels.

• Table runners: With our limited-print option, a crisp white table runner will feature a full-color design, which will appear in the center and front of your table display. And with all-over printing, you’re welcome to add color or design to every square inch of the runner.

• Blank tablecloths: Designed as the backdrops for our custom table runners, our blank tablecloths come in eight colors. Please note that they are not customizable.

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